Using an AR Controller Device on Windows

AR Controller beta release 0.7.0 (2022-06-25)

Table of contents

  1. AR Controller on Windows
  2. Known Issues
  3. Pairing to a device

AR Controller on Windows

Please note - use of an AR Controller device with Windows is currently alpha-quality.

To opt in to testing this Alpha quality feature, uncomment the WINDOWS_BLUETOOTH_ALPHA_OPTIN definition in Packages/AR Controller Beta SDK/Core/Scripts/Interaction/ARController.cs.

Known Issues

  • Scanning for devices is currently not possible. See “Pairing to a device” workaround below.
  • Occasionally, connection will take a long time to be established, or will not be established at all. If connection takes more than ~15s, you may need to exit and re-start Play mode.
  • If the above does not work, you may need to switch your computer to Flight Mode for 10 seconds, close and re-open Unity, then try again.
  • Battery level will not be reported
  • Firmware version will not be checked

Pairing to a device

Scanning for devices on Windows is currently not supported. You must instead pair to your device using the Settings app.

  1. Open the Bluetooth Settings menu

  2. Select “Add Bluetooth or other device”

    Bluetooth Settings Menu

  3. Select “Bluetooth”

    Select Bluetooth

  4. Select your AR Controller device

    Select your device

  5. Once your AR Controller has been paired, press “Done”

    Press Done